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We provide construction management services, along with site inspections and budget/cost analysis. C.E. Williams & Associates was founded in 1990 by Carl Williams to fill an important niche related to the construction industry and lenders.

From cost reviews to the review of construction plans and specifications, payment request processing, lien waiver verification, site inspection reporting, and final auditing upon project completion, you’ll find nothing but the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

We provide services For PAYMENT REQUEST and voucher approval, along with budget line item tracking and Site inspections

Building Plans and Specifications
Soils Report and Permits
Cost Breakdown and Budget
Firm Bids and Contract Documents
Preliminary Title Report
CC&R’s (If Any)
Contractor’s License
Workman’s Compensation or General Liability Insurance Verification
Scheduled Site Visits
Onsite Meetings with General Contractor or Site Superintendent
Effective Narrative Reporting with Photographs
Line Item Tracking (Project Percent Complete vs. Percent Disbursed)
Review of Change Orders

We perform verification and processing of AlA-document G-702/G-703, and appropriate invoices, along with processing requested line item transfers. We also deal in data entry of debits and credits per line item, auditing of construction loan accounts, check preparation and distribution, and maximum outstanding monitoring (site and construction costs). Our capabilities include sales, lease-up, critical documents, interest reserve, retention, and lot release.

Yearly seminars to create awareness of construction loan management

Carl E. Williams conducts several seminars on a yearly basis, utilizing his 30 years of construction management experience, as well as other informative guest speakers enrolled by appointment. Some of the topics that are discussed in these seminars are Cost Estimating, Voucher and Draw Request Processing, Offsite and Onsite Improvements, Site Inspections, Construction Management, along with Construction Loan Packaging and Documentation.

C.E. Williams & Associates

When it comes to professional construction loan and management services, choose a business that has established many beneficial affiliations and alliances with members of the Architectural, Lending, and Construction Industries.