Financial Integrity

With professional services and personalized guidance from associates at C.E. Williams & Associates, our construction loan portfolio management team will provide detailed management reporting for lenders and private individuals. These reports reflect the original schedule of values, along with all disbursement activity during the construction process. Final audits are performed by our firm upon completion of each construction loan to assure no mechanic's liens are of record and files are properly documented.

Services provided

Review of Plans and Specifications
Project Cost Estimating
Disbursement Control
Property Inspections
Construction Loan Portfolio Management
REO Tracking and Management
Special Inspections – Structural-Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing

Expert Project Management

Single Family
Sports Facilities
Senior Living

Immediate Benefits

Benefits include a reduction of overhead and administrative costs, construction reviews by professionals, detailed reporting during construction, assurance that disbursements won’t exceed project percent complete, financial integrity per line item and per loan, and completion of projects in a timely manner. We facilitate reduction R.E.O. projects, computer generated portfolio reporting capabilities for senior management, internal and external auditors, and independent inspection of properties - staff savings.

C.E. Williams & Associates

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